A seed is planted!

Well, we haven’t even started traveling and there is so much to share!  First of all, how on earth did we even come up with this plan?…  In truth, this idea has been in the works for a few years even though we didn’t know it!  Conversations here and there kept coming up about living in the woods, traveling for extended periods, getting away from 40-hour work weeks, living on the road, and people who RV full-time.  Appropriately, most of our conversations happened when we were on road trips.  Perhaps the adventure spirits were planting their seeds!  But we weren’t necessarily thinking of ourselves..

Then one day recently I was looking out the window of the car (another road trip of course!) and thinking about some of my friends who have left Madison and followed their dreams – whatever they might be.  Friends who left for jobs they love, adventures abroad, relationships…  I was thinking specifically about one friend who had what I imagine to be the perfect life for her and her family: her husband got a job as a professor at a university where she also found employment; they live an active lifestyle of skiing, hiking, and camping; they enjoy the west coast vibe.  It all came together for them!  It also made me think though about how bound they are to their location because of work.

Where would Dave and I go if we could go anywhere?…  And then I realized, we really CAN go anywhere!!! Dave’s work allows him to work from wherever he has WiFi, and I can find work as a therapist pretty much anywhere too.  So what’s keeping us in one place? Nothing, really!

And don’t get me wrong… We love Madison! We plan to stay here long-term.  AND we want to see all the things we haven’t seen.  We want to take this adventure now when it feels right.  Eli’s not in school, Dave’s work is steady, and I’m interested in being a stay-at-home parent for now (or, I guess, a stay-at-fifth wheel parent).

Stay tuned for more posts as we prepare for our journey!

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  1. Mom

    Read everything!!! It works and posted your first picture on our desktop!!! Keep it all coming…..
    Love you guys,
    Mom & Dad (B&B)

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