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Fill, Dump, Fill, BREAK, Dump, Fix, Fill

Well, no one ever said there wouldn’t be problems…  Wait, that’s a double negative…  People told us there would be problems, and that it’s just a question of when.  So, we might as well have them now before we even get on the road, right?  And actually, our adventure with “problems” began as soon as…

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A seed is planted!

Well, we haven’t even started traveling and there is so much to share!  First of all, how on earth did we even come up with this plan?…  In truth, this idea has been in the works for a few years even though we didn’t know it!  Conversations here and there kept coming up about living…

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New Blog!

We’ve got our shiny new blog setup! Woohoo! Don’t worry, we’ll write more later – this is basically just to prove it works 🙂

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